Harrison Chute here. You may know me from my opinions on the excessively brilliant Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the sociopolitical musings I share with Donovan Grant on Question: We Don’t Have Answers, or the horror freak show of my scifi podcast/autobiography which ran from 2013 to 2016. Or maybe we haven’t met, and that’s cool, too. Fine.

A Generic Wonderful has had a massive identity crisis. It begun as a more respectable career showpiece than the rather untoward Battle Beyond Planet X, but I lost interest in that kind of career. So then it became a receptacle for the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stuff, but that still doesn’t make for a ‘blog.’ The interest in freelance media criticism returned some time later, so it was time to clean the place up. I tried to write a few news story responses, but my heart wasn’t there. So now, this is a Harrison Chute blog, until something better occurs.

Reach out anytime @harrisonchute or with an email to harry.chute@gmail.com